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The Forum!
A student stomping ground. Request help on the organic message board (reciprocity appreciated)


Tutorials & Guides
Study organic chemistry with these tutorials and help guides.

Learn the basic organic chemistry reaction mechanisms

Laboratory Help
Suffer from ruined recrysallizations? Product impurities? Nonsensical NMRs? Check out these mini guides to common lab techniques

Practice Tests
Test how well you may perform on actual organic chemistry exams by taking these self-grading quizzes
Odds & Ends
An o-chem Wiki, a glossary, and essays and overviews on new research areas in organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry for Dummies Organic Chemistry I for Dummies is a textbook complement for first semester organic chemistry students. This book clarifies the fundamental concepts of organic chemistry, and, most importantly, shows you strategies for solving problems. Organic Chemistry I Workbook for Dummies, contains hundreds of practice problems with a detailed step-by-step answer key.




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