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Organic Chemistry Tutorials

General Tutorials

Tutorial :: Working Multistep Synthesis Problems

This guide presents some tips for working multistep synthesis problems.

Tutorial :: Working Mechanism Problems

This guide gives some pointers for working the all-too-common mechanims problems using electron arrow pushing.

Tutorial :: Taking an Organic Exam the Right Way
  This guide gives some pointers for taking an exam in organic chemistry.

Tutorial :: Working Resonance Structures
  This guide shows how to draw resonance structures for organic molecules

Tutorial :: Judging Relative Acidities of Organic Molecules
  This guide shows how to predict which of two organic acids is stronger by structural comparison


Quick 'n Dirty Problem Help Guides

Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Drawing alkane isomers given a molecular formula
Quick 'n Dirty Guide ::: Determining degrees of unsaturation from a structure or formula
Quick 'n Dirty Guide ::: Calculating formal charges on atoms
Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Naming bicyclic alkanes
Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Naming alkanes
Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Assigning R & S stereochemistry to chiral centers
Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Seeing electronegativity effects
Quick 'n Dirty Guide :: Determining solubilities


The Drunken Kekule Series:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------'s very own Ignatius von Kekule guides you through various topics in these interactive tutorials. Opens in a popup browser so you may have to temporarily disable any popup killers. (Warning: Kekule tends to get a bit abusive when he's had a little too much to drink. Don't take any insults or crass comments personally).

More of these coming once Kekule regains his sobriety (hopefully in the next few weeks).


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